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Summary information on Pilsen Environmental Foundation

Pilsen Environmental Foundation
Americká 29, 301 38 Plzeň
telephone/fax: ++420-19-74 55 905
e-mail: pen@iol.cz

Pilsen Environmental Foundation (PEN) is a foundation concentrated mostly on local problems. It was founded in Pilsen in 1992-93. Recently the foundation has been finishing its strategic plan for development. At the same time we work on fulfilling all the conditions that are set by the new law on foundations. On the basis of these conditions we are to reregister the PEN within the end of 1998.
The activities of nowadays are concentrated especially on following problem circles:

Environment of Pilsen and its surroundings

The Festival of Autumn Equinox in Pilsen

The foundation organises already for the third time a diverse scale of actions in the time of the autumn Equinox. We involve from pure ecological to culture-sociable actions. The previous festivals offered expositions such as „Chemistry Around Us and the Health" and Take care of the pence and the pouns will take care of themselves", writer Ivan Klíma and philosoph Josef Šmajs had a talk with the Pilsen-citizens, music groups Mišpacha and Znouzecnost presented their songs. The third festival takes place in the days 14. - 20. September 1998. We plan expositions devoted to natural and cultural values of Pilsen area, meeting with an interesting person, concert, an entertaining afternoon for children and their parents with an educational intention, etc.

foto: Ondřej Šnytr
foto: Ondřej Šnytr
foto: Ondřej Šnytr
foto: Ondřej Šnytr

Natural and cultural values of Pilsen area

The foundation decided to concentrate on endangered natural and cultural monuments of Pilsen area that are supposed to join the sustainable development of that sofar one-sided industrial region. The first step in this long-termed programme is a systematic popularisation of selected natural and cultural values in Pilsen area. This step is approached through the expositions noticed above.

Development of non-governmental non-profit sector
The foundation works systematically on increasing property of endowement so that we could provide selected projects with financial means in the harmony with our intention. Looking at the situation that other Czech foundations are to face, PEN concentrated to provide consultations for nongovernmental organisations. Those consultations are provided especially in the field of management in nongovernmental organisations, fund-raising, public relations etc.

The Environment and the Health
The negative influence of the human being on the environment endangers back the health of people. Therefore the foundation provides special consultations concerning the influence on environment and human health. In the past we took part for example on preparing actions for road show „Chemistry around us and Health", that first appeared in September 1996 in Pilsen. Then we took part on edition of „Effects of exhaust gases on human health" edited by Czech and Slovak traffic club. Nowadays the foundation is engaged e. g. in the problems of persistent organic pollutants, such as dioxins.

The Right to Know about the Environment
One of important tools how people can approach information on concrete pollutors of the environment is Pollutant Release and Transfer Register (PRTR)
. The foundation is also engaged in monitoring the condition of keeping the right to know which turns to be rather important after passing the new law that forms those problems in the Czech Republic.

Plzeňská ekologická nadace
Americká 29, 301 38 Plzeň
Ph./Fax.:++420-19-74 55 905
e-mail: pen@iol.cz
Bank account: ČSOB a.s., branch Plzeň, account number: 24 740 010 / 0300

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April 10, 1999