The Seminar of Postive Actions to Conserve Energy (SPACE)
An Invitation to East European NGO's
June 26 to July 4 - Prague, Czech Republic

What is the SPACE programme?
What will we learn at the seminar?
How do we get involved?
Where do we register?
SPACE Seminar's Tentative Schedule

What is the SPACE programme?

Eastern Europe needs a new energy policy. Dirty fossil fuel plants are polluting the air and seriously harming human health, while unsafe nuclear plants are producing waste for which there is no solution and are in danger of serious accident. The solutions to these problems are know by environmentalists and energy planners: increase efficiency and use more renewable sources. But energy policy has barely changed since 1989.

The SPACE Program (Seminar on Positive Actions to Conserve Energy) is about people taking action to change this situation. Several initiatives in the region have been successful in actually implementing energy saving and clean energy generating systems and this seminar is designed to help groups start similar programs in their region.

Seminar participants will learn about a wide range of initiatives from efficient light bulb programs in Poland, to community solar thermal projects in Hungary. And participants will actually get involved in one initiative from the Czech Republic called the Clean Energy Brigades. A focus is given only to East European NGO's who can benefit from this programme. For SPACE programme details, check out the SPACE seminar's tentative schedule.

What will we learn at the Seminar?

Under the facilitation and guidance of professional activists and renewable experts, SPACE participants will:

We are bringing a total of 50 NGO representatives from Eastern Europe to Prague and South Bohemia for 8 days to review various positive actions in the region and get hands on experience with Clean Energy Brigades. The focus will be on how to start similar programs in your home country. Experts from across the continent will give workshops on: fundraising, media work, what efficiency technologies are appropriate from your region, how-to install energy efficiency materials, volunteer outreach, etc.

How do we get involved?

The participation fee is on a sliding scale by country (using the ECO system). The cost is 100 ECO for the entire program, which is 100 DM if you are from the west, about 35 DM if you are from Central Europe and about 10 DM from the CIS countries. For exact ECO rates for your country, look in the VERGE magazine or contact the PiaNO addess below.

75% of participant travel costs from Eastern Europe will be reimbursed for participants who register in advance and are confirmed by the organizers.

All housing and food costs are covered by the participation fee. Participants will stay in hostels and hotels in the Czech Republic (but bring a sleeping bag if you plan to stay for the Temelin Actions after the seminar).


To register via the Internet click here. Or send an email message to PiaNO@ecn.cz with the following information: Name of participants, address, phone/fax/email contacts, Visa requirements, and reimbursement expectations.

We will contact you shortly after your registration to finalize your plans and give you the updated schedule.

Return this information to PiaNO project of Hnuti DUHA - FoE CZ or register via the Internet, no later than June 15 (If you need a visa for the Czech Republic: June 1st).


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