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The SPACE Seminar's
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June 26 to July 4 - Prague, Czech Republic

The Programme
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Several positive initiatives in eastern Europe have begun to address the regions energy problems by actually implementing solutions. This seminar is designed to train organizers and leaders from the environmental movement on how to design, fundraise for, promote and implement programs which address the energy situation in their home countries. The focus of the seminar will be the east European region including the CIS countries. Several positive actions will be reviewed and there will be an in depth analysis of the Clean Energy Brigades project, including hands on training in these types of efficiency upgrades.

Provisional Programme for the SPACE Seminar

Each seminar day is divided into 4 blocks of approximately 2.5 hours each. Morning until lunch, two sessions in the afternoon with a break between and a night program after dinner. Participants can arrive on June 25 if travel connections necessitate it and stay over that evening without extra change, but need to inform the organizers in advance.

Day Morning Afternoon Evening Night
June 26 Arrival/Welcome
- introduction to seminar
Introduction game Participant success stories
(in small groups)
Free walk through Prague
June 27 Workshop on Direct Democracy and Consensus decision making Overview of Positive Actions in Energy in the Region National needs evaluation workshop (small groups) (what is the best energy upgrade strategy for your country, given all the variables, looking at low cost easy to install high impact solutions). Discussion of Energy Poverty Program in the UK and similarities to the eastern situation.
June 28 Media, Outreach and building public support Introduction to the Clean Energy Brigades (CEB) CEB training - hands on work installing efficiency materials at the EcoFarm Energy Philosophy discussion
June 29 Positive Actions in other countries: * Efficienct Lighting replacement project in Poland * Community Solar heating program in Hungary * Energy Efficient building materials in Belorus * Various biomass projects and fuel switching examples Applied Fundraising Workshop (working on actual applications) Fundraising continued Shock Night: See Film ,China Sydrome" and the Undercurrents series of short inspirational videos on popular movements - including discussion with Undercurrents film makers on independent media.
June 30 Culture and Activism - games, workshops, theatre and interactivity with the Sustainable Europe Tour (SET) Project Prague Energy Experts workshop * SEVEn on applied Energy Efficiency * EkoWatt on working Renewable systems Field trip to energy project in Prague Free Evening
July 1 Travel to South Bohemia Do CEB upgrades or residential houses and/or public buildings Presentations to Majors of western efficiency techonolgies which are approporate for the region. [This is part fo a project which will send Czech mayors to the weste to look at promising projects which could be developed in the Czech Republic and assist in finding the development aid to insure these projects happen.] Party with local people and Mayors
July 2 Workshop on nuclear power in the region - including roleplays Visit to the Temelin Nuclear power plant and public relations center Evaluation of Temelin visit Free Evening
July 3 Development of home strategies - positive actions Two options: 1) Visit the energy efficiency center in Ceske Budjovice OR 2) Do tour of CEB upgrades and more hands on training and work Local Cultural Program
July 4 Organizers wrap up - final presentations Networking session - how to continue on with working together Seminar Evaluation Farewell Party

End of Seminar

July 5 - Non-violence trainings for the Temelin actins begin July 6 - Temlein blockade and occupation begins

Contact Information:

Organized by Hnuti DUHA (Friends of the Earth - Czech Republic) and PIANO (the Prague International Anti-Nuclear Office)
contact: PIANO
Chvalova 3
13000 Prague,
Czech Republic
phone: 420-2-9003-1895
e-mail: piano@ecn.cz
to register via the Internet click HERE.