"If it weren't for people like you, we'd still be building nuclear power plants"
- President George Bush to a US activist



YES, IT'S BACK!! The Chernobyl Broadcast System is pleased to announce that photographs of this year's Temelin action are now back on the web.

Remember, you can still get pics and sounds from our friends at Terminal Praha. (To the dolts at CBS - that's THEIR stuff, and we're no more responsible for their content than Econnect is for ours. Shame on you, scaring a little old ISP half to death.)

Who can sit here like this?

Many will come to the construction site of this monumental building, sit down on the road and put their bodies in the way of cars, trucks, and trains going in and out. Peacefully, but boldly, we will insist on not leaving until our demands that the plant be closed are met. If others want us to leave, then theyíll have to drag away those who hold firm for their ideals. Who can sit here like this?

In a place of rolling green hills and playful streams, this concrete monster has come invading skyline and the space where three villages once stood. So, someone who loves this landscape and its people can sit here like this.

In case of an accident, many of us will be forced to leave our contaminated land and homes. If the scientists donít discover a safe way of dealing with radioactive waste, then we will be left with it.. Thousands of future generations will contend with this waste - waste that contains the most toxic substances known. Someone who feels responsible for the world around us and to future generations can sit here like this.

The government dismisses our discussion of nuclear issues with the words of its Prime Minister: "Your statements are childish and trivial." He overlooks the opponents of the building, partly humiliates them, and then tries to make them out to be criminals. According to a four-year old statement from the Czech government, Temelin should have been operating today. Presently, however, the plant is still under construction; wasting millions of dollars that could be used to clean up dirty coal burning plants or be invested in more sustainable energy options. But the government refuses the discussion as a devil refuses a cross. The founder of the Czechoslovakian democracy used to say that democracy is a discussion. Whomever is a democrat - they can sit here like this.

Westinghouse is only after profits. The growth of profits -that is the motive of multinational companies. Westinghouse knows that selling a nuclear power plant today is more difficult than selling one worn shoe. Iís nuclear department fights for survival and so it fights the best it can. However, they fight dirty - they bribe, cheat, and lobby to make deals and cover-up bad quality. US Vice President Al Goreís statement about Temelin, "If we wonít build it, the Germans will," illustrates the disturbing multinational mentality of catch as catch can. Those who donít want decisions about the future of South Bohemia being made by investors living in Moscow or Washington - they can sit here like this.

Westinghouse knows that they are part of an extraordinary experiment in the south of the Czech Republic. Hybrid technology does not have a successful reputation. Those who donít want to be used like guinea pigs - they can sit here like this.

We know that to make a personal decision to come and sit here with us non-violently requires strict discipline. Those who adhere to non-violent priciples - they will be welcome to sit here like this.

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