police await the signal to break the blockade
"He who joyfully marches to music in rank and file has already earned my contempt.
He has been given a large brain by mistake, since for him the spinal cord would fully suffice."
-Albert Einstein 



Due to threatened legal action by CBS (surprise, surprise) our service provider has been frightened into taking the Chernobyl Broadcast System down. Just when we had it finished too. For the moment, you can get pics and sounds from our friends at Terminal Praha. (To the dolts at CBS - that's THEIR stuff, and we're no more responsible for their content than Econnect is for ours. Shame on you, scaring a little old ISP half to death.)

To our friends we say bookmark this page....you never know....the Chernobyl Broadcast System might be back.

What can you do RIGHT NOW to stop Temelin???

While you're sitting at the browser, have a look at this letter from the
Za Matku Zem (For Mother Earth / Slovakia) website.
Send it to ExIm.
Send it to your friends and ask them to email and/or fax it.

What can you do on July 6th - 13th?

Come to the blockade!!!

...But failing that (and if you're reading this in English, you are probably too far away) you can:

Organise a local action in support
Everything helps. Write a letter to the editor of your local newspaper. Hang a banner somewhere. Organise a demonstration in front of your local city hall. Fax attack ExIm and Westinghouse.

Tell everyone you know about this GREAT website!
Tell them to tell everyone. And so on, and so on......

Trade links with us
That's right - you link to us, we link to you. Simple innit? We'll even give you a kiss.
(If you've done this and haven't received your kiss on our links page, give us a nudge.)

Resistance to the Temelin Nuclear Power Plant: My brotherīs unemployed....

Report of latest actions against Temelin
Brief history of the Movement against Temelin
Information on this year's blockade
Blockade '96
Why to get and NOT to get arrested

Stories of Resistance for your enjoyment:

Diablo Canyon - a success story
Law & Order - from Howard Zinn's book Declarations of Independence
Samuel Lovejoy - a lone man's fight against nuclear power
Carrie Barefoot Dickerson - a grandmother who took on the nuclear industry - and won
The Seige of Gorleben -a report by Michael Marriotte of NIRS on the radwaste actions in German


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