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South Ukraine

City, Country
Yuznouykrainsaya, Ukraine

Number & type of Reactors
3 X VVER 1000

Net Electric Power as % in 92 of national total
2000Mwe (Lack of cool- ing water for 300Mwe)

Major population Centers in a 150 km radius and
total estimated population of 150 km r. region

Unknown - most likely Odessa, Krivoj Rog, and parts of Moldova e.g., capital city Kisinev

Date of commercial operation start up
or (if unfinished) date of construction start.

Construction began 1974-On line 1982, 1985, 1990

Operator: PO YuuAES Builder:Minatomenergoprom

Accidents and Dangers:

Cracks in the reactor pressure vessel, fires, activation of emergency protection systems. Electrical cables are vulnerable to flooding. Serious accidents concealed. Steam generator problems (common to all VVER 1000 plants, but a serious problem). Accumulation of spent fuel in on-site storage pools since 1992.

Local Contact Group:

Nikolaev Regional Ecological Association - Zeleny Zvit
327001 Ukraine, Nikolaev, Post Box 158
ph: 0512-35-3388; fax: 0512-35-4187;
Attn: Anatoly Zolotukhin

Key Arguments/History

The design of the VVER1000 lacks proper safety systems for nuclear accidents. The reactor blocks are mounted on the join of two tectonic plates, and are siesmically active. The plants emit vast quantities of heat, water vapor, and radio nuclides (mainly tritium) which causes an excess of local radioactivity and climate change. The plant uses more than 10% of the flow of the River Bug, when 5% is considered dangerous. Economically, this power plant is causing a great burden for the region - the local region consumes less than 10% of the plant's output, while the water deficit in the South Nikolaev region is increased. Finally, the plant will leave radioactivity for thousands of years.


Nikolaev region receives 1.7 MWh/year from this plant. This energy can be produced by smaller facilities both wind plants and gas turbine plants of 200MW. Nikolaev has factories that are able to produce 15MW gas turbine generators, and 0.5MW wind plants. 38 gas turbine generators and 400 wind plants would be enough to supply the whole region plus an adequate reserve, and up to a third of the power could be exported to buy fuel for the gas turbine plants.