There are a bunch of people and groups to be thanked for making this Web site possible:

Technical Support

To Alex Höbart (Global 2000, Vienna) - who trained us all and answered lots of questions including the ones at midnight

To Jirka Jiracek (Econnect, Praha) - who also helped train us and is helping with the construction of the Czech Version on Econnect. Econnect is part of the APC network (Association for Progressive Computing) - these are some of the people who are trying the hardest to make the world a better place thru the use of e-mail and the Web. They are also where you should change your e-mail host to IMMEDIATELY instead of supporting nasty, profit hungry giants. For information in western europe contact and in the US contact: and in the Czech Republic contact:

To all the fine people at work at KGB in Kud in Ljubljana, who put up with these difficult yankees running around all the time and eating muffins next to the scanner.

To the still mysterious, but helpful people at Public Netbase in Vienna, who are putting time into supporting this no-money project, when financial good sense would suggest they do something else. Public Netbase is the West European Host for this Website.

Those friendly folx from down under at Sausage Software, who produce the HotDog Web Editor - an excellent product. And have donated it to the development effort of this Web Site - show your support for them, by sending a short thank you and if you need a web editor, we highly recommend this one.

Analytical Support

Dalibor Strasky (Calla, Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic), supplied edits on several pages in two languages just to make sure we got it right.

Antony Froggatt (Greenpeace Intl, London), who is perhaps the only person in the world who can intelligently comment on almost every reactor on this website. And you can be sure, when we shut them down, it will be at least in part, because of his amazing (and uncharacteristically cooperative) work.

Dirk Bannik (WISE Intl, Am*dam), who corrected mistakes, encouraged us on and scolded us when we messed up - all in his easy going unmimicable way.

Miriam Bowling (NRDC, Washington), who has a brilliant set of edits which will improve the entire website signifcantly, just as soon as she sends them to us.

Honza Beránek (Hnuti DUHA, Brno), who does not believe in websites, but helped make this a better one (indirectly) anyway.

Free Translations

A very special thanx needs to go to Lugo of the Energy Klub (Budapest) and Eia from WISE Stockholm for doing and arranging free translations (because we ran out of money) for Hungarian and Swedish respectively.

Financial Support

It turns out that it is not possible to do all this work for nothing, even with volunteers. Several organizations have funded this project in small, but very important amounts, they are:

Regional Environmental Center (REC) in Budapest, which has funded the action groups working on fingerbook pages and the Slovene, Bulgarian, Russian and Ukrainian translations. Special thanx to Kriszta who moved the bureaucrats and the money as fast as it is possible.

Swedish Acid Rain Secretariat (Gottenburg) which has been one of the most reliable sources of funds to groups working on clean energy issues in the CEE/CIS region. Special thanx to Rheinhold, who perhaps better than anyone, knows how to use small amounts of money to change the world.

GreenWay Energy Group (CEE/CIS), which is the begining frame of the network the C+10 Fingerbook and this website hope to strengthen. Especially to Emil and Toni for deciding quickly and trusting it would work.

Anti-Atom International (Vienna), which funded the German, Czech and Slovak translations of the C+10 Fingerbook and the second 5,000 copies to be printed. AAI also puts up with our grant applications in the wrong format and language, late accounting, and too many unreturned phone calls, but they continues to support these kinds of projects regardless.

Global 2000 (Vienna) has provided computing hardware, office equipment and materials and has paid a small fortune in phone bills to make this thing come together. Especially Thomas who humorously and gracefully tries to manage the same projects we are trying to drive out of control.