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The Fingerbook Propaganda Project:

Version 1.3 - 8 Early Spring (Mar) 96

The Fingerbook Propaganda Project puts out radical ideas in an easy to read way. Fingerbooks are distributed at cost or free. They are called "fingerbooks" because they are smaller than handbooks (one quarter A4 format and 16 to 72 pages) and almost every page has a graphic. Fingerbooks are @nti-copyrighted: all the information is in the public domain and you are encouraged to using it, change it and distribute it as you like. For ordering information for paper fingerbooks see below. All Fingerbooks will eventually be available over the World Wide Web, but they are very handy in their paper format and we suggest if you find the information useful you contact us and we will send you the physical fingerbook. Fingerbooks on the following topics are complete (languages in italics are not finished, we have translators and they should be finished in a couple of months):


Almost ten years have passed since Chernobyl and nuclear construction is dead in the west, but the western nuclear lobby is working hard in the east. This mini-encyclopedia, written by 20 East European action groups, covers nukes in the region and how you can help stop them. Also info on the Chernobyl plus 10 Campaign - April 26, 1996 (Ukranian, Russian, Bulgarian, Czech, Slovak, Slovene, Hungarian, Swedish, German, English)


Tired of leaders telling you what to do? Feeling cheated by voting? There is another way. This fingerbook gives the tools and steps to the consensus process (also called "feminist process") so groups can agree without anyone opposing. (Only English)


If you have great actions but they do not get the goals you want, perhaps you need a campaign strategy - perhaps you need this fingerbook. Experienced DUHA campaigner Jan Pinos shares his formula for turning actions into results (Czech and English).


Is it possible to love more than one person?
But what about jealousy or comparing lovers?

This fingerbook discusses the topic so hot no one dares write about it - multiple romantic relation-ships. More about "how to" than "why to" have open relationships (Czech, German & English)

unfinished fingerbook: Hitch Hiking & Green Borders in Europe

What we are looking for: Authors, Translators, Editors, Graphic Artists, DTP Wizards, Web Wizards, "Distributors"

If you want to get involved in any of these ways, send a short description of how you can help to the contact address below.

What we do NOT want: If you have a great idea or graphics, but you need to get paid for it, please find someone else, we can not support you. Fingerbooks are strictly unpaid volunter projects.

How to get a Paper Copy of a Fingerbook

If you just want a copy of a fingerbook, write the contact address below (don't phone, but e-mail is fine). If you can, please send 5 Ecos (5 DM in the west) to cover costs , if you can't afford that, we will send it for free. Mail paper cash or EYFA Eco coins. Allow a long time for delivery.

The Fingerbook Propaganda Project
c/o Hnutí DUHA (Friends of the Earth - Czech Rep.
Jakubské nám 7
60200 Brno, Czech Republic

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