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Byl spusten interaktivni server o lidskych pravech hurpeconline.com

Nepal [HURPEC]

Interactive HR Server hurpeconline.com launched

With the purpose of running human rights movement through internet and building international network, HURPEC (Human Rights and Peace Campaign) has launched an interactive Human Rights Server http://www.hurpeconline.com. The server contains many features like countrywide news, information and HR reports all around the world; HURPEC Online Forum, Online Petitions, Action Center, HR Internet Directory, Global Human Rights Events, Human Rights Treaties and Documents, Online library and training, Special Features (War against Terrorism), etc.

Some Features of the server are:
1) Countrywide information: The site contains various information, news, HR reports, etc. of many country around the world.
2) Online Forum: All are invited to register name and email to the forum and post news, articles, views, etc. This is the Online Discussion Forum on the issues of human rights, democracy and peace.
3) Action Center: This is the action center for online action against any human rights abuses all around the world. All are invited to post action alerts, news, etc. to the action center. HURPEC will review all the posted action news and publish it.
4) Online Petitions: Everyone can host online petitions on the issues of human rights violations at this page.
5) Internet Directory: Many organizations all around the world are listed with brief information in the Directory.
6) Global Events: Many events related with human rights are available in this page.
7) Human Rights Library and Training Center: Many resources and books are available in online library. HURPEC is also going to manage online human rights training programs in near future.

So, all human rights and social NGOs/INGOs, activists, journalists, lawyers, politicians, etc. all around the world are requested to visit the site and participate in online discussion forum, post petitions and action alerts, make a link of this site with them, and everything what they want from this server. HURPEC also requests to send information about any kind of human rights violations.

As a mission of HURPEC is to establish a world with all and equal human rights, and make a world 'a zone of peace', we request everyone to join in this movement. We also request all to forward this information and publish it on the net and journals, newspapers, etc.

Volunteers needed for HURPEC
To run the HURPEC Movement worldwide, HURPEC is going to establish it's branch offices in United Kingdom, USA, Canada, Malaysia, UAE, France, Belgium, India, Pakistan, etc. in near future. So, we need the Volunteers in those countries to help us for our programs and co-ordinate it. They need to work in their own country or the country where they are living currently (not in Nepal). Know more about it and apply online >>>>

HURPEC International Network
HURPEC requests all NGOs and INGOs through out the world to join the online network established for promotion, protection and global movement for human rights and peace. View details about the Network and join online on: http://hurpeconline.com/hurpec/hurpec_network/index.htm

Take Urgent Action and Sign Online Petition:
The Situation of Human Rights and Democracy of Nepal too critical at this time. So, all are requested to take urgent action and sign Online petition to stop 'state of emergency and civil war in Nepal'. Please, sign the petition now: http://hurpeconline.com/asia/nepal/petition_nepal.htm

GPO Box- 21405, Kathmandu, Nepal
Email Addresses
For information: info@hurpeconline.com
Webmaster: webmaster@hurpeconline.com
HURPEC Network: network@hurpeconline.com
HURPEC Forum: forum@hurpeconline.com
To post petitions: petition@hurpeconline.com
To post urgent actions: urgentaction@hurpeconline.com


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