"You make very good sense as a literary playboy, talking about what needs to change.
But we students were beaten in the square tonight. We children did our job and now
it's the role of the parents to do something."
- Vaclav Klaus Jr to his father (now Prime Minister), on the night of November 17th, 1989.


YES, IT'S BACK!! The Chernobyl Broadcast System is pleased to announce that photographs of this year's Temelin action are now back on the web.

Remember, you can still get pics and sounds from our friends at Terminal Praha. (To the dolts at CBS - that's THEIR stuff, and we're no more responsible for their content than Econnect is for ours. Shame on you, scaring a little old ISP half to death.)

So, what is Temelin?

Temelin is an unfinished nuclear power plant presently under construction in South Bohemia, the southern part of the Czech Republic. It lies 150 kilometres from the capital, Prague.

Unable to sell nuclear reactors in the West, the entire industry is presently looking towards the East for its economic salvation. Projects are underway to build or complete reactors in every country once under the domination of the Soviet Union. This is the story of one such plant, and the resistance to it in a small nation that lies not only at the center of Europe, but at the center of the struggle to end the nuclear industry on this continent.

Temelin is an experiment in two ways: it is both an untested hybrid of old Soviet technology and Western safety systems, and it is the focus of a newly-emerging theory of non-violent resistence to environmental issues in a country where very recent history has confirmed the power of mass protest.

On July 6 - 13 activists will once again block the gates of Temelin. They will do it with barrels, with concrete tubes, with their own bodies. The core Czech group will be joined by hundreds from Germany, Slovakia, Poland, the European Union, the CIS (former USSR), Sri Lanka, and the USA. They will come because they believe, as we do, that moving the industry from one backyard to another is not the answer. They will come because they believe that we must all stand together, reaching across the artificial barriers of race, religion and nation. Only when we have made it impossible to build a nuclear reactor anywhere in the world, when the uranium mines have all been closed, the warheads decommissioned, and the attention of scientists has been turned to a real solution to the problem of radioactive waste, will we be able to say that we have achieved victory.

What finally happens at Temelin will signal the future of the civil nuclear industry in Europe. Join us on a journey into a nuke-free tomorrow. For the Earth, and for all of her children, read on...

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