The Nonviolence Guidelines

  • Our attitude will be one of openness, friendliness and respect towards all people we encounter.
  • We will use no violence, verbal or physical, towards any person.
  • We will not destroy property.
  • We will not bring drugs or alcohol other than for medical purposes.
  • We will not run from authorities.
  • We will not carry weapons.

The Non-violence guidelines are important because they communicate both to our selves and to the authorities at the plant what they can expect. Participants in the camp will be asked to sign a copy of the non-violence guidelines when they arrive, so that everyone is sure that we are all starting from the same assumptions. People who are not able to act within these guidelines will be asked to leave the camp.

We understand that for many people the signing procedure is controversial. We ask that you please consider our reasons before rejecting it, and the blockade, out of hand.